Pitfall! Live at the Tank

Real rope, fake gators…

Teams of four traversed the hazards of the Atari 2600 classic Pitfall!, using a projected background and a theater stage, at the Come Out & Play Festival in New York City.

Pitfall! levels were projected onto a back wall and floor of a theater stage. A rope was suspended from the middle of the ceiling. Players ran, jumped and swung over pits, alligators, snakes and other obstacles.

Grabbing treasures gives a team 4,000 points – touching a rolling log deducts 100, just like in the 1982 game. Teams play until they lose all four members or 5 minutes are up, whichever comes first. The winner got a trophy made from the original 2600 cartridge.

Winner of the Best Spectacle award at Come Out & Play 2009.